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Our Story

Hello! I'm Sophie, the Founder of Somewhere of London (and chief candle pourer!).   Somewhere of London is a natural home fragrance brand inspired by incredible places in the world.  

Lighting a candle not only transports you through scent, it also grounds you in the present moment - a wonderful and rare combination!

I first had the idea for Somewhere of London in Summer 2019.  I had just returned from four months in Asia and I felt uninspired by my surroundings at home.  I began making candles as a creative endeavour; tapping into memories of prior adventures to formulate essential oil combinations.  Over the past year, I have developed our bespoke essential oil blends alongside a leading UK perfumer. 

As a student of nutrition, high quality, natural ingredients are extremely important to me.  For this reason, the candles are made from pure essential oils and soy wax with cotton wicks.

My goal is to share the magic of travel with you through scent and experience.   I hope you enjoy browsing.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!